Laser Dental Ny

A common problem of the high speed drill is caused by the vibration and fast turning of the drill burrs.

If you receive a pre-medication before your treatment, you should have someone along that can drive you home.

You will find our laser dental treatments are the latest technology that people just love.

Just like your natural teeth, a severe trauma to a restoration can cause damage and then your restoration will need to be repeated.

If a regular cleaning doesn't get your smile white, we can do a teeth whitening procedure.

Visiting a specialist may no longer be necessary because of the new technology that can be used in our primary dental office.

The most common type of anesthetic for dental procedures is a local anesthetic.

After receiving periodontal therapy, you will be asked to see our hygienist for follow up maintenance.

03/09/17 09:53:26 AM

The dental drill causes heat and vibration, and that is the major cause of most of the pain associated with having a filling in your tooth.

03/07/17 02:38:12 PM

There are short acting and long acting anesthetics, but both are given by a painless injection. In some cases, patients are instructed to wear the bite splint all the time, even when they are eating.

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Invisalign is a modern method of straightening teeth that uses clear aligners instead of metal wires that works well for many of our patients.

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If you are stressed and clench your jaw, while you're awake or when you're asleep, you may be susceptible to TMJ.

03/03/17 05:07:41 PM

A 3D model is used to create a crown or partial crown that is customized just for you.

03/02/17 04:53:37 AM

It could take several days or even a few weeks to allow your dentures to feel comfortable.

02/28/17 10:38:57 PM

Our dental office is prepared to complete fillings, crown, and onlays in the same day, which can lessen your time in the dental chair.

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